Extinguisher Production Line Designs for Your Needs

At Firesafer we design solutions that suit the specific needs of your production line. Whether you need a complete extinguisher production line or refilling service equipment solution, we offer premium solutions for your needs.

Applicable to Various Extinguisher

powder extinguisher production line

Dry Powder Extinguisher

co2 extinguisher production line

Co2 Extinguisher

foam extinguisher production line

Foam Extinguisher

water extinguisher production line

Water-based Extinguisher

Extinguisher Manufacturing Machines Designed by Expert Engineers

When you present your brief to us, our engineers will consult with you to understand what type of machine you require. We consider:

Once all these details have been defined, our design engineers would move on to sketch your custom machinery. This is done in consultation with machine production engineers and other technicians to ensure the design is viable. We equally strive to develop user-friendly operating systems that make running these machines easy for your factory staff.

custom fire extinguisher filling machine solution

Extinguisher Manufacturing Machine Design Solution

Our customization services help you make your can packaging ideas into real canning lines or
functional machines.

custom solution

Understanding Your Needs

At the preliminary stage of customizing a packaging solution for your business, our engineer will work in close consultation with you to understand:

Solution Design

This is the crucial phrase where our collaborative idea comes into reality. After fully-understanding your needs in the in-depth consultation, our engineer will come up with a drawing taking every detail into consideration including:

double station powder filling machine

Machine Manufacturing

After you confirm the drawing, we start to customize the machine for you. The best materials, CNC-produced parts and skilled assembly combine to make each machine as accurate as it needs to be.

Machine Test

The products are subjected to a strict trial process before delivery, and the equipment is turned on continuously for 72 hours.

high quality control

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