nitrogen filling machine for fire extinguisher

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fire extinguisher nitrogen filling machine

Firesafer fire extinguisher nitrogen filling machine

Our company is a professional manufacturer of nitrogen fire extinguisher filling machines, with muscular technical strength and rich experience in engineering applications.

Our products are suitable for nitrogen filling of various types of fire extinguishers. Our equipment can realize automatic and manual filling and is equipped with a timing machine and safe protective device, which can better protect the safety of laborers. The pressure can be self-regulated, and the optimal pressure range is from 0.1Mpa to 2Mpa. High-quality equipment brings better advantages to the work, such as safety when filling, high efficiency, and easier handling. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Contact us for a free quote.

Our Co2 Fire Extinguisher Refilling Machine
mdg fire extinguisher nitrogen filler
MDG Automatic
nitrogen for extinguisher filling machine with safe protective device
Machine with safe protective device

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a d v a n t a g e s

full set of production equipment supply

Full set of production equipment supply

Our company provides a complete set of production equipment for fire extinguishers, filling machines, special valve tightening machines, special inflating machines, automatic welding equipment, cylinder production equipment, grinding and polishing equipment, spraying equipment.

multiple patents

Multiple patents

The customized equipment is equipped with electrical components such as PLC, ventilation system, air switch, fuse, AC contactor protector, phase sequence protector, etc., to ensure a longer life of the equipment during use.

Owning a good fire fighting equipment can make your business easier and simpler

Increase productivity

You can produce more fire extinguishers at the same time, allowing you to quickly occupy the market and gain better market competitiveness

Reduce labor costs

Highly automated equipment can improve your production efficiency and reduce labor costs

Improve industrial chain

By perfecting your industrial chain, you can quickly produce fire extinguishers with your brand logo to better meet your needs for consumers


Nitrogen filling machine for fire extinguisher

Complete FAQ Guide

Is nitrogen used to pressurize fire extinguishers?

fire extinguisher filling process

Nitrogen pressurization is one of the processes in the filling process of fire extinguishers.

This equipment is used to replenish fire extinguishers with N2. It has a handful of positive features, including ease of use, high performance, accuracy, and so on.

Why nitrogen Cannot be used as fire extinguisher?

Nitrogen does not support combustion. Nitrogen is less dense than air, so it floats and cannot be covered on fire. The reason why carbon dioxide can put out a fire is because it is denser than air.

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