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co2 fire extinguisher filling machine

Firesafer Co2 Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

As a leading manufacturer of Co2 fire extinguisher refilling machines, Firesafer has served several clients for more than 10 years with high-quality manufacturing technology and service standards.  


The Co2 fire extinguisher filling machine is part of the production of fire extinguishers. Customers who own the fire fighting equipment we produce have perfected the process of filling fire extinguishers and producing fire extinguisher equipment more efficiently. Contact us to get more professional quote.


Our Co2 Fire Extinguisher Refilling Machine
GTM-C Co2 Filling Station

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a d v a n t a g e s

quality control

72 hours Quality Test

As far as we know, stable equipment operation is the most basic requirement for all customers to purchase equipment. To this end, we have adhered to this standard since the company was founded.
We are the only company in the industry that puts our products through a strict testing process before delivery, and the equipment must be continuously turned on for 72 hours.

custom sulotion

Custom solutions for your demand

You can customize any part of the machine to meet your product needs. We are good at handling orders for custom machines and have been highly rated in many countries.

Owning a good fire fighting equipment can make your business easier and simpler

Increase productivity

You can produce more fire extinguishers at the same time, allowing you to quickly occupy the market and gain better market competitiveness

Reduce labor costs

Highly automated equipment can improve your production efficiency and reduce labor costs

Improve industrial chain

By perfecting your industrial chain, you can quickly produce fire extinguishers with your brand logo to better meet your needs for consumers


Co2 Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

Complete FAQ Guide

What is Co2 fire extinguisher filling machine?

Co2 fire extinguisher filling machine is one of the types of fire extinguisher filling machines. The machine can realize manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic filling of fire extinguishers with Co2.

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