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ZW-10A Single Station Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 150 pieces / hour

Filling Range: 1-30 kg

  • Continuously and automatically
  • Good to environment
  • High accuracy filling
  • Long using period

Filling Precosion : 1KG≤0.02

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980*660*1100 cm

Working Temperature

-10° to +40° C

Operating Voltage

AC380V three phase

Main technical parameters.

1. PLC: Taiwan Yonghong
2. working environment temperature is -10 degrees – +40 degrees, working voltage AC380V three-phase
3. material valve cylinder: star
4. Touch screen: Velon
5. rubber ring: inner diameter φ28*4 (for vacuum valve); inner diameter φ5*1.5 (for vacuum unloading valve)
6. Equipment size.
Single station dry powder filling machine (L*W*H): 980*660*1100 (before counting the size of powder bin) (for reference only)


Work flow:

Start the vacuum pump, and observe the vacuum gauge, when the vacuum is above -0.085, the main machine can work normally.
Filling preparation: Click on the touch screen and enter the “parameter screen” to set the parameters of filling, such as the lower limit of filling, the middle limit of filling and the upper limit of filling. Click on the corresponding parameter position to set the parameters, click ENTER and return to the home page after finishing the equipment.


Filling parameters table (specific parameters are adjusted accordingly to the actual dry powder sparse density)


 Lower limit valueMiddle limit valueUpper limit value


Note: Pre-vacuum time (when filling 3 or 4kg) can be adjusted 2-3S, (when filling 5 or 8kg) can be adjusted 5-6S.


Filling operation process:

Put the empty bottle on the platform and align the filling port, after the hand is going to leave the empty bottle, the equipment will start automatically (press the filling start button), the host will automatically delay the clearing, pre-vacuum, open the material valve, automatically close the material valve when the filling weight reaches the set value, clean the pipeline, and make a qualified judgment of the product.
When replacing dry powder, or dry powder is super fine, you can adjust the vacuuming time in the touch screen to achieve the best filling effect.
Stop the vacuum pump at the end of each day and click on the touch screen “debugging screen” and click on “cleaning” to open, the system will enter the dust collector automatic cleaning program. Clean the filter once a month (take out the filter cartridge and blow it with dry air to make sure it will not leak after installation).

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