ZW-30A Dry Powder Extinguisher Filling Machine For Extinguisher Production

Production Capacity: 400 pieces / hour

Filling Range: 1-12 kg

  • High degree of automation
  • Applicable specifications
  • Absolute efficiency
  • High cost performance
  • Dust-free pollution
  • Screen Control

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Operating Voltage

AC380V three phase

Air pressure


Three-station simple type portable fire extinguisher dry powder filling line


three stations workflow

Main Product Efficiency

( Piece / hour )





Three Stations Filling Machine 400 4 1300*1300*2000 For 4kg/pcs;
oil application machine 500 0.45 850*620*2692 Easy straw insertion and greasing
Pre screwed valve machine 500 0.45 620*780*900 Improve the efficiency of manual pre-screwing of valves
Valve  tightening machine 500 3.5 900**90*1200 Torque control with adjustable torque
conveyor line 500 3 4000*300*800-2 lines Stainless steel chain plate effectively resists dry powder corrosion

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