ZW-40A Fully Automatic Dry Powder Extinguisher Filling Machine Extinguisher Filling Line

Production Capacity: 500 pieces / hour

Filling Range: 3-8 kg

  • High degree of automation
  • Extremely efficient
  • Customized rubber ring to prevent leakage of minute dust
  • Transparent observation hatch to block dust
  • Better resistance to dry powder corrosion
  • Automatic valve screwing
  • Large transition powder filling

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Four-station portable dry powder fire extinguisher filling line

four stations work flow

Main ProductEfficiency
( Piece / hour )
Four Stations Powder Filling Machine50041300*1300*2000For 4kg/pcs;
Pre Screwed Valve Mechanism and Oil Application Machine5000.75850*620*2692Easy straw insertion and greasing
Servo Valve Screwing5003.5900*900*1850 Torque control with adjustable torque
Inflator Machine5000510*350*600
Conveyor Line50038000*300*800-1 line
6000*300*800-1 line
Stainless steel chain plate effectively resists dry powder corrosion

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