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GMT-C CO2 Fire Extinguisher Refilling Machine

GMT-C CO2 Fiiling Machine is a small type and portable filler. Both the flask with siphon and medial- pressure tank can be used CO2 filling.

Must use electronic scale as basis of filling weight while on filling.

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three plungers style

Filling Speed


Features and advantags:

  • No heating and no cooling required
  • Independent of ambient temperature during filling
  • The important parts of the piston ring are made of wear-resistant materials sintered at high temperature, with the advantages of wear resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.
  • Inlet and exhaust valves are produced with the latest technology for high-pressure gas filling pumps
  • All stainless steel cylinder and all-aluminum crankcase with 1.5kw high power brand motor


The third-generation CO2 filling machine does not need heating or cooling when filling, and it is not affected by the ambient temperature (-25C to +40C can be filled normally), when filling, the CO2 in the large cylinder is first pumped out, and then it is quickly filled into the small cylinder after being pressurized by the CO2 professional press in the filling machine. It takes only 1 minute to fill 1 bottle of 3kg CO2 and 5-10 seconds to refill CO2, and the electricity cost is 3-5 cents. It can fill 1,2,3,5,7,9KG portable C2 fire extinguisher and 25kg, 45kg, 100kg trolley type CO2 fire extinguisher, and also can pump back C02, which can pump back CO2 from small cylinder to big cylinder or other small cylinders. It has the advantages of easy filling, fast, power saving, gas saving, easy maintenance, etc. It is the filling equipment associated with fire extinguisher production and fire extinguisher maintenance factory.


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