Fire extinguisher Refilling machine

fire extinguisher refilling machine

Fire Extinguisher Refilling Equipment For Your Project With Best Price

Firesafer is a leading manufacturer of fire extinguisher refilling machines. We provide ABC dry powder fire extinguisher refilling machines, CO2 fire extinguisher refilling machinesnitrogen fire extinguisher filling machineswater-based fire extinguisher filling machines, and more. With our strong technical expertise and extensive experience in engineering applications, we ensure that our machines are of the highest quality.

At Firesafer, we can manufacture fire extinguisher refilling machine within various specifications, materials, layouts, and electrical components based on your needs. Our products are suitable for fire extinguisher refill service, wholesale distribution, extinguisher production, and more. We provide whole fire extinguisher production line design and solutions. Please contact us to request a free quote .

zr 01 extinguisher refilling machine

FSZR-01 Abc Dry Powder Powder Refilling Machine

single station

FS-10A Automatic Single Station Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

zw 20a

FS-20A Double Station Dry Powder Filling Machine

zw 30a

FS-30A Three Station Dry Powder Filling Machine

gmt c co2 fire extinguisher refill machine

Co2 fire extinguisher refilling machine

hydro testing and cleaning machine

Fire extinguisher Hydro test and cleaning machine

water base extinguisher filling machine

Water-base foam Extinguisher Filling Machine

mdg1.7 fire extinguisher nitrogen filler

N2 gas Nitrogen Extinguisher Filling Machine

customized fully automatic filling line

Customized High Speed Fully Automatic Fire Extinguisher Production Filling Line

custom machine


sop quality control

SOP Quality Control

Firesafer production equipment has a unique production number, which can be classified according to the equipment number from the raw material to the assembly process. The assembled equipment will be debugged by the chief quality inspector, and the transportation order number will also be recorded, so as to ensure the full tracking of the equipment.

custom fire extinguisher filling machine solution

Custom Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine Solution

Depending on your specific requirements as our client, we feature the ability to customize your fire extinguisher filling machine. We do this to ensure that we cater to the specific requirements you have.We ask our clients to work closely with our engineers to ensure they provide exact details of what they want with their refilling machine.

high degree of automation

High Degree Of Automation System

Each quarter, the equipment will be upgraded to varying degrees according to the opinions of returning customers, with the convenience of customers as the central idea, so as to upgrade the degree of automation of the equipment, so as to continuously provide product quality and achieve the purpose of reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Why Choose Firesafer Be Your Parnter

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Controlling quality and manufacturing costs.

Leading R&D Capabilities

We can develop products that meet market trends and competitiveness.

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Fire Extinguisher Refilling Machine

Complete FAQ Guide

How Do Fire Extinguisher refilling Machine Work?

fire extinguisher maintenance process

Step 1:

Disassemble the fire extinguisher valve and check if it works through air pressure testing equipment.


Step 2:

Hydro testing and cleaning the inside of the cylinder


Step 2:

Dry the fire extinguisher internally.


Step 3:

Put the fire extinguisher on the electronic scale and use the refilling machine to fill until the weight is reached and then stop.


Step 4:

Inject N2 gas to ensure the air pressure of the fire extinguisher.


Step 5:

Check if the fire extinguisher is leaking with air-tight testing equipment.

Considerations When Purchasing Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

Before purchasing equipment, first determine the specifications and models of fire extinguishers

(such as cylinder diameter, cylinder height, cylinder wire size, bottle style)


Considering the compatibility of the equipment, the size of the cylinder must be confirmed before placing an order.


1. Cylinder Diameter

Generally minimum ø 75mm, maximum ø190mm-ø210mm

2. Cylinder Height

From 785mm-900mm

3. Cylinder Wire Size

Minimum M18, M30

4. Common Bottle Style

cantonese bottle

Cantonese bottle

plum blossom bottom bottle

Plum bottom bottle

bottom ring bottle

Bottom ring bottle

m bottom bottle body

M bottom bottle

What Is The Benefit Of Importing Extinguisher Filling Machine From China

#1 The most complete supply chain

China is the world’s largest producer of fire extinguishers. We can manufacture or source product that is 100% suitable for you.

#2 Most competitive price

While we ensure the quality of the equipment, our price can be half or even less than that of our foreign counterparts. Our value is to allow fire companies around the world to use the most cost-effective equipment

#3 24Hrs Online Service

You can’t even find any reason to refuse our full service, the customer is our god, we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and meet your needs

#4 Available For All Custom Demand

We understand that the meaning of personalization is very important to customers. We adhere to this concept, whether it is procurement from foreign manufacturers or foreign traders, it meets the needs of customers and cooperates with the work.


What Are The Main Components Of Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine?

Mainly include powder filling pipe, fire extinguisher cylinder carrier, movable bracket, fixed bracket, geared motor and slide rail.

1. Powder Filling Tube
The powder filling pipe is installed on the movable bracket.

2. Slide Rails And Movable Brackets
The movable bracket is installed on the fixed bracket through the sliding rail.

3. Geared Motor
The deceleration motor is also installed on the fixed bracket and is connected with the movable bracket through gears. The deceleration motor controls the lifting and lowering of the powder filling pipe through forward rotation and reverse rotation. The signal is transmitted to the control module, and the control module controls the deceleration motor according to the received weight signal.

4. Recycle tank 

Due to the use of a weight sensor, the weight signal is transmitted to the motor to make the powder filling pipe rise and fall with the amount of dry powder filled, thereby reducing the impact of the dry powder flowing out of the nozzle of the powder filling pipe on the dry powder that has been filled into the fire extinguisher cylinder. Reduce the flying of dry powder, achieve the purpose of clean filling, and save the use of raw materials. 

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